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Come for the cannabis, stay for the massive lotus flowers and laser graffiti!

What’s the name of the worlds biggest cannabis dispensary and how big is it?

Starting this year, Las Vegas welcomes the city’s biggest weed dispensary. In fact it’s the world’s largest marijuana dispensary and it’s called Planet 13. This huge dispensary boasts a space square footage of 112,000 square feet. Some of that square footage is used for the retail of cannabis products, some office space, and some space for some serious cannabis cultivation.

Where is the largest cannabis dispensary in the world located and what are their hours?

I almost forgot all of the cool visual effects and the entertainment complex that is attached to this dispensary. This marijuana Disneyland opened up in November 2018 is located just off the strip near Treasure Island and the Wynn casinos. Planet 13 is the largest medical and recreational cannabis dispensary that you will find anywhere in the world and it stays open 24 hours.

What makes the Planet 13 marijuana dispensary different than other cannabis dispensaries?

Planet 13 is more than just a gigantic marijuana dispensary that sells medical and recreational marijuana. It also sells cannabis products such as infused capsules and cannabis oil vapes cartridges like you would find in any other cannabis dispensary. However, this place differs In the fact that they some sweet entertainment and visual screens to walk on that would dazzle any stoner.

Buy your weed and enjoy some of the visual decorations only found in this dispensary. There’s a giant glowing 20-foot orb sitting out in front of the dispensary for maximum visibility to tourists out on the strip. At the entrance of this Las Vegas cannabis dispensary, there a series of LED lotus flowers that can be interactively controlled by by the dispensary patron. The floor has massive screens that play trippy videos and reacts with your steps with visual effects. The walkway has LED sensor light trails and a great light show to enhance your dispensary shopping experience. Customers at this marijuana dispensary can pick virtual spray cans and shoot graffiti laser beams on the walls. Super cool!

How much does weed sell for in the world’s largest marijuana dispensary?

When you walk into this weed dispensary, there is definitely an element of visual elegance like you walked into an upscale jewelry store. There are over 40 registers waiting to ring up dispensary customers for their cannabis products. To give you an idea of pricing, a gram of high-grade, premium weed sells for $20 and 1/8 of an ounce sells about $60. A disposable cannabis oil vape pens cost $40.

Dispensary patrons will be able to visit a coffee shop that offers cannabis-infused beer and wine from what the CEO mentioned in a press statement. The CEO of this dispensary projects that there will be approximately 2,000 visitors daily coming to the Planet 13 dispensary. That may be an achievable number considering that 40 million tourists come to Las Vegas every year.

What was the previous largest marijuana dispensary in the world located?

The previous winner for the world’s largest cannabis dispensary used to be Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace when they opened up previously. They also boast a very large dispensary at 16,000 square feet. TheNuwu Cannabis Marketplace dispensary is located in between Las Vegas and North Las Vegas.

How old do you have to be to be able to buy recreational marijuana in Nevada?

Recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada and Las Vegas under country-level legal restrictions for adults that are 21 and over. The state has not been hurting from the recent tax revenue that recreational marijuana has brought in when Nevada first legalized recreational cannabis in 2017. The first year of tax revenue brought in over $69 million.

How many recreational marijuana and medical marijuana states are there (as of December 2018)?

As of December 2018, ten states and Washington, DC, have legitimized the sale of marijuana as long you of age; which is 21 and over. Furthermore, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana. Our neighbor toward the north, Canada, was the first G7 nation to legalize recreational marijuana as a nation.

What is one big difference between visiting a recreational marijuana dispensary versus a medical marijuana dispensary?

Customers at the Planet 13 marijuana dispensary can purchase either medical or recreational cannabis. Weed is weed but these two are not the same and there a few differences between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana that we will discuss later. One major difference is that you will need a current medical marijuana recommendation to buy medical cannabis along with a photo ID. You just need a photo ID to buy recreational marijuana.

Here are some things to remember before visiting a cannabis dispensary.

Bring cash, a photo ID, and a medical marijuana weed card. It helps to be familiar with the general dispensary process. Not all cannabis strains are the same and some strains will have different effects depending on the individual.

Most of the time, a marijuana dispensary that is both recreational and medical will have two different entrances marked “medicinal” and “recreational”. If you are not carrying a current, valid medical marijuana weed card, don’t bother going into the “medical” entrance because you won’t be able to enter.

Upon entering the cannabis dispensary, there will be a person behind a glass window where you give your ID and pertinent documents. After your ID screening, you will be admitted into the dispensary to go buy your marijuana. There will be what are referred to as “budtenders” and they are there to answer any questions you may have about various cannabis strains and other questions related to weed.

What are the major cannabis strains and how are they different?

There are two major groups of cannabis strains but they are broken down to Sativa or Indica (or both which are referred to as hybrid strains). Generally, if you are searching for an elevating, stimulated high or a day high, Sativas are the way to go. If you need a sleepier, more mellow body high, pick an Indica strain. Many cannabis strains are hybridized but they will be referred to as sativa-dominant or indica-dominant. Kush strains are known for their potent THC content and they are a subset of Indica strains..

How are Recreational Marijuana and Medical Marijuana Different?
As mentioned before, if you do not have a medical marijuana recommendation that is current and valid, go shop for some recreational weed.

Here are three benefits that medical cannabis has over recreational cannabis: cannabis possession limits, tax rates on marijuana purchased, and the number of weed plants you are allowed to grow if you do not live 25 miles within a marijuana dispensary.

1) You Can Possess More Medical Marijuana Than Recreational Marijuana

You can only purchase and possess 1 ounce of recreational marijuana at a time.

A medical marijuana patient can possess more cannabis than a customer buying recreational marijuana. A person buying recreational cannabis can buy up to an ounce of weed. A medical marijuana patient in Nevada can buy up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana every 14 days. That is really beneficial for a medical marijuana patient that may be dealing with limited mobility.

2) Buying Medical Marijuana Will Be Cheaper Than Recreational Marijuana due to different tax rates.
Recreational marijuana buyers are subject to a higher tax rate than medical marijuana patients. This is to keep medicinal cannabis at a reasonable and affordable price for medical marijuana patients.

3. Medical Marijuana Patients Are Allowed to Grow More Cannabis Plants
If a medical marijuana patient doesn’t live within 25 miles of a cannabis dispensary, that patient can grow up to 12 marijuana plants. Recreational marijuana users are limited to grow only 6 cannabis plants.

Is there an exception to the 25 mile dispensary distance rule in Nevada?

There are also exceptions to every rule. In this case, the 25 mile distance rule applies to dispensaries carrying a specific marijuana strain needed to treat someone. The distance rule also applies in a situation where if a medical marijuana patient can’t find a dispensary carrying the cannabis strain needed to help their medical ailment, they are allowed to grow their own marijuana.


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